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Introducing Caroline Macleod


As a consistently high-performing sales manager with over 20 years of career success with leading brand names, Caroline was able to learn step-by-step processes, gain insights and strategies from some of the World's most successful sales and marketing engines.
Whilst coaching high performing sales teams Caroline learnt that flawed sales strategies, sales leadership execution, poor sales training and misalignment between sales and marketing can allow detrimental risk into a businesses ability to grow and sustain activities.  
"I have enjoyed a successful, varied career and have been privy and applied some of the best sales practices, digital marketing tools, training and insights available. My aim with Trending is to be able to pass this knowledge, know-how and expertise onto business owners to enable them to evolve and generate more predictable levels of success and lead with confidence. I recognise the challenges facing SME's today, my expertise has been applied and honed in a variety of situations including board level positions to senior management of sales teams and senior marketing roles.  Best practice may always be the panacea, but business owners face a multitude of challenges on a daily basis, recognising how to apply small but highly effective practices over time is the key to developing sustainable business practice and this is what I am aiming to create through Trending. I am able to bring a strategic viewpoint that will help uncover individual opportunities and practices that will enable your business to flourish".