Business Life after COVID. The B2B Sales & Marketing Peer Network Supporting Business Leaders

Updated: May 17, 2020

Free Webinar Series hosted by South Coast Business Owners

There is no role more exciting and rewarding than that of a CEO or Board level business leader, but, it can also be incredibly lonely at the top, particularly during times when ensuring your business is in good enough shape to weather the storm whilst juggling the stress and disruption that challenging economic times bring.

Leadership in any case brings with it high expectations of delivering on a vision and shaping a strategy, recruiting and retaining the right teams whilst investing wisely regardless of the economic situation. This is the case across the entire business operations, from finance to HR, from operations to administrative teams, regardless of department the pressure to provide robust leadership is under constant scrutiny.

Support from other business leaders and owners during anytime in business is of high value, new ideas can be shared and bought back into the business and you can look to your peer network for support, helping you unravel new challenges your business face.

We are pleased to introduce the virtual business support webinar series for this purpose, leading local business owners sharing their insights and expertise to other local business owners, with a valuable Q&A time at the end of each session.

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Sales & Marketing Excellence

The same can be said for sales and marketing activities, it's true no one business leader can profess to be an expert at every element of their business, but they will be judged and measured none the less to achieve nothing short of beneficial outcomes for the business.

Sales and marketing can be a challenging field, with many practices evolving over time, and huge discrepancies between what each department is perceived to contribute to the revenue goals, leading sales and marketing activities can, if not understood mean elements of risk are entering your business that will end up costing your business dear. This could be financially or through the de-motivation of core teams, it could mean outsourced services are not delivering optimised outcomes for the long term or that sales activity is not generating the best ROI available.

To help alleviate the isolation and need to help business leaders bring in consistent new ideas and ways to measure an optimise sales and marketing processes, the #Trending peer to peer sales & marketing networks have been started.

A fledgling network, we are starting to build up small groups across Portsmouth, Chichester and Brighton of B2B business owners who are on their own journey of process optimisation and see the benefit in networking with peers in a facilitated and structured manner. Monthly guest speakers are also invited along to share their own experiences of business growth fuelled by enhancing sales & marketing structure and leadership, business owners who have overcome common challenges.

During COVID lockdown we are generating a series of free webinars that will enable business owners to collaborate and share best practice whilst hearing from local business owners how have created resilience in the own businesses during COVID. Learn from like minded business owners and take the opportunity to share your own challenges during the sessions. Booking is essential but complimentary.

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Email us at for any questions or take a look at the line up of speakers over the coming weeks.

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