B2B Peer to Peer Sales & Marketing Networking Events in Brighton for SME Business Leaders & CEO's

Updated: May 16, 2020

We have all been experiencing personal isolation for the past 5 weeks and our vibrant town of Brighton has been dulled and rested waiting for its time to re-awaken! Business owners have been drawn to Brighton & Hove for years, with its vibrant shopping areas, beaches and world renowned history, it also offers a well educated resource pool.

Regardless of the booming night-life and cafe culture, professional isolation has co-existed for years for many board level executives and business owners. It can be lonely at the top and teamed with the current challenges, business leader’s are having to adapt and learn new leadership skills to grow their businesses and bring in fresh new insights to create business resilience. With many skills being outsourced, business owners are seeking new channels to source these insights and guidance, whilst finding time to network with peers to learn more about tried and tested practices.

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#Trending Networks are an entirely new approach to CEO, business owner and board level leader peer to peer networking in Brighton, with a niche sales & marketing focus. Designed to help alleviate the isolation at the top of the business, helping business owners widen their ability to drive new insights and business models back into their company. The #Trending network meetings provide a regular and local, 1.5-hour meeting with an opportunity to network with like-minded peers whilst learning about the latest sales and marketing tools that can provide business growth. Guest speakers are also invited monthly to present their real-life business growth experiences.

“Business leaders often don’t need to curate digital content, plan events or design the latest sales email, outsourced or in-house can all help provide these skills adequately, but not having a strong oversight of the strategic elements that fuel growth may enable risk to enter your business..”

Business owners and leaders have limited time and have to allocate their presence wisely. Choosing where to personally invest time in the business is crucial, not only to personal effectiveness but also to the performance of your business.

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The business leaders role in sales & marketing is to ensure greater success, The #Trending Network Meetings are short, sharp intervals in the working month that will help refine, review and re-focus sales & marketing efforts to deliver optimised business performance, whilst networking with like-minded peers.

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