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Trending Network Overview
CEO Peer Networking & Collaboration

Each and every session we strive to provide an inspiring, authentic environment for senior leader’s and business owners to improve, continually learn and adapt and challenge current sales and marketing operating models with confidence and vision through the support of expert speakers and facilitated peer to peer sessions.



Marketing Strategy

Learn common sense approaches with a focus on delivering ROI - carefully selected business experts will help provide tried and tested practical ideas to implement within your own business.


The meetings can help you create tangible actions plans that help you work smarter - feeding knowledge back into your organisation at every step, working with the support of other local business leaders. 

Sales Strategy

Every session you attend will help provide insight and facilitate an environment that enables cross collaboration with other local business owners and senior executives striving for the same goal - business growth and sales and marketing leadership excellence.


Marketing and sales need to work hand in hand, learn how to create and manage powerful sales execution strategies powered by effective lead generation.


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